Information Design Post 1

Information design: the practice of presenting information in a way that fosters efficient and effective understanding of it. [x]

This quarter I’ll be focusing on the topic of information design and sharing a few examples every week or so. Something I particularly like about information design is how vast the field is. Even in our daily lives we probably see and rely on so many different forms of information design without even realizing it! A few of my goals for this quarter are to explore as many different types of information design possible and try to key in on what makes one more successful over another.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

My first example is just something lighthearted and fun. I was scrolling through Pinterest and just happened to stumble upon this graphic. Once again, I think it just reiterates that info design can be found anywhere and everywhere, and take any shape or form. Since I found it on pinterest, I think the main audience for this one would probably be women in their 20-30s. I found this design to be very accurate and effective. The fact that the illustrator chose to use just black, and no other colors helps the viewer focus in on the shape/silhouette. I also like the choice to use illustrated pictures rather than photographs. It shows the information cleanly and very uniformly.


Source: Yelp

My second example is this menu from Evolution Fresh. I work downtown, so I am constantly looking for new places to try on my lunch breaks. I forgot to take a picture of my own so I grabbed this one from yelp, but I specifically remember this menu because I thought it stood out from all the other boring menu’s I’ve seen before. For a menu, this one is particularly beautiful and effective. The sub titles are bolded and it is easy to follow because it reads from top to bottom and it even numbered. Perhaps I’ve been so brainwashed by swiss design that I love anything that is on a grid and has ample white-space, but I loved how well crafted and different this menu was!


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