Information Design Post 2

My first example is an infographic about blueberries. While it may not be the most exciting design ever, it’s clean and simple and gets the job done. I picked this poster because I felt the layout would be similar to my current school project and it would be a good chance to really pick it apart and see what’s working. I was also drawn to the fact that the designer chose to use both photographs and illustrations. This was a great idea because he stuck to a very limiting color pallet and by opting to use illustrations, he was able to not only stick to these colors but also illustrate rather abstract ideas (it would probably have been more challenging to try and photograph something to represent “cancer risk reduction”). Another thing that I realized when looking at this piece was just how important hierarchy is for information design. Specifically, in his type treatment, it’s obvious what the main title is, the subheaders, and the captions. Overall, I think he did a lot of interesting things with his photographs to make it beautiful and I learned a little more about blueberries!

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.54.30 PM

My next example is from a Tazo tea tin. I’ve never really looked at a food label before and thought of it as information design but it really is! I especially love Tazo’s aesthetics. The packaging they have always stands out to me when I’m at the grocery store scanning the shelves of all the colorful wide variety of teas. But I love Tazo’s minimalist clean approach to their packaging, which looks fresh and modern compared to all the other brands. While most people know how to make tea already I thought this little design was a nice little touch and the set of icons were well done.


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