Information Design Post 3

photo-3This week I thought I would take a closer look at nutrition labels. For my first example, here’s the label from some cranberry juice I had sitting in my refrigerator. Just in my daily life I’ve seen this type of food label thousands of times and as you can see, this one here isn’t anything special. I thought this would be an interesting example of information design because it’s one that most people take for granted and often will overlook, but the audience for this type of design is literally everyone and is extremely important because whatever we consume is obviously affecting us directly. Looking at this thing I think almost anyone could agree it doesn’t do much aesthetically, and even functionally it’s just barely doing it’s job. The problem with nutrition labels is that they aren’t necessarily all that intuitive and there are actually many people who don’t know how to read them. Unless you have had some basic education in nutrition these labels aren’t that informative.

My next example is a redesigned idea of what would be a better solution for nutrition labels. It’s still not perfect but I think its still definitely a huge improvement. I love that they included a more interesting visual way of expressing the serving size (apparently a lot of people just assume that the nutrition facts are for the entire package and never knew to look at the serving size) and how they not only blocked out which food groups you’re getting, but also color-codified which are beneficial nutrients and what’s not so beneficial. The only thing that might be problematic about this one is how large it is (depending on what kind of food packaging it is) however I think that information as essential as this is worth the extra square inch or so.


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